Final Salary/ Defined Benefit

Where To Refer UK Pensions Clients? Cameron James: The UK Leading Pension Referral Introduction Partner

Frustrated turning away UK Pension Transfer and switching enquiries because it is beyond your firm’s expertise, regulatory permissions, and/or the client lives overseas? 

Learn below why Cameron James has become a key referral partner for these types of pensions, and how you can help your clients attain the quality advice they need, whilst being transparently remunerated for your introduction.

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The Problem: Cannot Process The Business

Navigating the ever-changing maze of Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution pension transfers or consolidation can be a daunting experience for clients. Never mind, for any accountants, tax advisers and other professional service providers reading this.

Even for some of you highly qualified UK IFA’s who are simply unable to facilitate some UK pension transfers due to your firm’s compliance rules or FCA advice permissions.

The reason for this is the numerous regulatory shifts from the FCA to protect consumers, given the complexity that comes with UK residents and non-UK residents making decisions on what is possibly one of their largest assets. This is particularly true for Defined Benefit or Final Salary pensions, which have seen huge increases in regulation, PI insurance and compliance over the past decade, due to the repercussions of poor advice having been provided previously.

This can feel frustrating as you cannot help your client, and you also potentially leave yourself open to the risk of your client researching and finding another financial adviser down the line to whom you did not introduce. And we all know where that can end up, as adviser firms typically like to advise on, and have oversight over, all of their clients’ assets.

The Solution: Cameron James 

Cameron James provides you with the ability to professionally refer your client to an expert adviser, who can either facilitate the advice directly, in the case of Defined Contribution Transfers, or help the client obtain FCA regulated Defined Benefit Advice from a 3rd party Pension Transfer Specialist, in the case of Defined Benefit Pensions.  You will be transparently remunerated for the introduction, should the client move forward with any advice, based on a % of the initial advice fees.

Your client will be aware that a percentage of their initial fee with us will be passed back to you for your work and efforts in making the introduction. We like to keep things very transparent.

By actively referring your client(s) to Cameron James, you also protect yourself from potentially  losing the client entirely to another adviser who can provide any services you cannot. For accountants etc, we will also ensure that you are involved in all financial planning decisions, allowing you to further enhance and build your relationship and value to your client.  

Due Diligence: Regulated & Trusted Partner

Cameron James is an FCA Regulated firm, and all IFA’s working at Cameron James are on the FCA register. Which you can find here: FCA Register.

We are an Independent Financial Advisory (IFA) firm, with over a decade of experience with helping clients get advice on their UK pensions, and their other assets and financial planning needs.

Pension transfers are intricate and time-consuming, and it is imperative to have a partner that truly understands their complexities and a proven track record of helping clients obtain advice on their pensions. 

If you have a non-UK resident client, we can also assist.  Our firm is regulated by several regulatory bodies and not just the FCA. We are also regulated to provide advice by the US SEC, Gibraltar FSC, and Cyprus SEC. This robust regulatory framework empowers us to advise clients across Europe, the UK, the US, and other global locations, with existing clients in over 35 countries.

With recent expert pension features in The Financial Times, FT Adviser, Yahoo, The Evening Standard. Upon leaving your enquiry you will automatically receive a detailed Due Diligence pack for you to easily verify any of the above.

Why do Advisers Continue To Introduce or Refer Clients to Cameron James?

Our team is our greatest asset. 

Every IFA at Cameron James holds Level 4 qualifications at a minimum, with several Members having, or being on the path to having, Advanced Level 7 Qualifications like the CFA, ACA & CFP. 

Many of our advisers also possess a Level 6 Pension Transfer Qualification, which is required for anyone who wants to be able to become a Pension Transfer Specialist, and provide advice on UK Defined Benefit Pensions.

Whether your client is based in the UK or resides internationally, they can have absolute confidence in the proficiency and transparency that our advisers, and the 3rd party Pension Transfer Specialists we use, offer. It is this commitment to excellence, combined with our stringent adherence to best practices, that has made Cameron James a go-to firm for introducing UK pension transfer & Non-UK resident Pensions enquiries to. 

  • DB Pension Client Specialisation: Unique to our offerings, we can help facilitate UK Defined Benefits (DB) pension transfers for those both in the UK and abroad. Please note that all Defined Benefit Pension Transfer Enquiries With Safeguarded Benefits Are Completed By Trusted Independent 3rd Party FCA Regulated Pension Transfer Specialist. We also have the ability to facilitate and process transfers for those advised to retain their scheme, although we have robust compliance steps in place, and this is only achievable on a case by case basis. It is also important to note that we typically cater to clients with a minimum DB pension CETV size of £250,000, due to commercial and compliance requirements.
  • Broad Audience Application: Cameron James is an ideal referral partner for fellow UK advisers, who are unable to support their UK clients migrating or retiring outside the UK, but also for other professionals such as solicitors, tax advisers, accountants, mortgage advisers, and more.
  • Experience & Expertise: With two decades of collective experience with the UK pension transfer process, we bring high levels of insight and proficiency to the table.
  • Transparent: Yup, you guessed it. At Cameron James, transparency is paramount. We operate solely on a fee-basis, and transparently show our Advice Costs online for all clients to see. Commission products, trail paying funds, or anything similar don’t find a place in our offerings. Whilst our advice for non-UK residents will be locally regulated i.e. SEC for US clients, our mantra is to provide advice that would meet, or get as close as regulatory possible to, an FCA-standard

Get Started With A Rewarding Partnership with Cameron James

When you refer your clients to Cameron James, you’re not just initiating a one-off transaction, you’re hopefully establishing a long term, transparent, trustworthy and commercially profitable relationship.

Speak to one of our IFA’s to learn more and if we are the right fit for you and your client(s).