Dominic James Murray

29 June 2022

Low-Cost DB Pension Transfer Advice: Our Top Tips for Defined Benefit Transfer to SIPP

Low-cost UK Pension Transfer advice is always tempting. However, you really need to be careful when proceeding. Read our top tips here!

Dominic James Murray

23 June 2022

The Reality of Low-Cost Final Salary Pension Transfer, Do They Exists?

The cost of a Final Salary Pension Transfer is high. However, do you understand that the cost is not nothing compared to what you will get in return? Read it here to understand why!

Dominic James Murray

22 June 2022

Maximizing Final Salary Pension Benefits Through UK Pension Transfers

Looking back at the stock market movements over the course of the last three years, have you made the right decision by keeping your Final Salary Pension? Should you transfer it?

Dominic James Murray

16 June 2022

Pension Annuity: What Is It and How Good Is It as an Investment?

For most people, having a fixed amount of income for the rest of their life is worth the shot. The same thing goes for pension annuity. However, have you considered all the options outside pension ann

Dominic James Murray

14 June 2022

Should You Negotiate the Advice Fees for Your UK DB Pension Transfer?

DB Pension Transfer is a very costly and timely process that needs many considerations. With all that it takes, should you negotiate the advice fees for your UK DB Pension Transfer?

Dominic James Murray

1 June 2022

Are CETV Values Increasing 2021? A 2022 Report of Year-Round Question

The values of your CETV dare determined on the amount of your pension that are available for you to transfer out. In the last year, there are numerous of people who are asking for “Are CETV Values I

Dominic James Murray

24 May 2022

Pension Transfer Specialists: Definition, Qualifications, and How to Choose the Right One

As the FCA suggest, a Final Salary Pension worth above £30,000 will require a Pension Transfer Specialist to get started with. What are they and why do you need it?

Dominic James Murray

20 May 2022

The UK Defined Benefit Pension Deficit: Definition, Causes, and How to Deal With It

A company in the brink of UK Defined Benefit Pension Deficit is the last thing you want to happen with your Final Salary Pension. Read what all you should know and what to do in this complex situation

Dominic James Murray

19 May 2022

UK Pension Scams: Final Salary Pension New Rules to Protect You From Getting Scammed​

Pension scams is the worst thing that can be happened during your Final Salary Pension Transfer process. Learn everything you need to know about UK Pension Scams and our important tips about how to av

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