Dominic James Murray

1 April 2022

5 Best Options To Use Your DC Pension Pot

Whether you want to retire completely, progressively reduce your hours, or continue working for a longer period of time, here are five BEST options to use your DC pension.

Dominic James Murray

31 March 2022

Top 5 Reasons Not To Transfer Your UK DB Pension

The top five reasons NOT to transfer your Final Salary Pension gathered by the experts from Cameron James, the UK Pension Transfer Specialist.

Dominic James Murray

30 March 2022

LTA: Lifetime Allowance Explained

Lifetime Allowance is closely related with your pension taxation. Whether it is DB or DC pension, you have to understand the limit of your LTA to avoid getting taxed by the HMRC efficiently in this ar

Dominic James Murray

17 March 2022

Defined Contribution Plans: Participation & Distribution in the US vs the UK

What are the differences of DC pension contribution, participation and distribution in US and UK? Have your answer in this discussion!

Dominic James Murray

15 March 2022

What Happens To UK Pension When Someone Dies?

Is it your spouse, children, or relatives who will pass on your Final Salary Pension asset when you passed away? What if you die before or after the age of 75? Find all the answers in this article.

Dominic James Murray

2 March 2022

Should I Transfer My Final Salary Pension?

Not only it requires time and due diligence, Final Salary Pension requires a thorough understanding of your current situation, financial planning, risk profile and more to consider in this article.

Dominic James Murray

25 February 2022

DB Pension Transfer Process at Cameron James for Non-UK Residents

Looking to transfer Final Salary Pension for Non-UK Resident? Learn all the processes and requirements in this article to get yourself familiar with.

Dominic James Murray

15 February 2022

NT Tax Code HMRC: How To Apply NT Tax Code for Non-UK Residents

Utilizing NT Tax Code HMRC can give you multiple tax benefits for your UK Pension Transfer to outside UK. What are the benefits and how to apply for?

Dominic James Murray

2 February 2022

Final Salary Pension Transfer to International SIPP (Process & Steps)

Final Salary Pension Transfer to International SIPP requires thorough process and lots of due diligence. What are the steps and processes involved?

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