Dell Alimov

Chief Technology Officer


Web Development Experience

Hello, my name is Dell. I am an Art Director and a Conceptual Designer. I am a big fan of design and I love what I do. I have over 10 years of experience in digital products and have developed hundreds of websites and user experiences.

I am passionate about design and user experience. My first meeting with Cameron James (CJ) lasted over three hours. My Moleskine was bursting with notes and diagrams. I knew it was a good match. I also knew straight away that some of the designs would push me to my limits. Partnering with them to deliver their concept was an easy decision.


Design Features

You will find my signature marks all over the website. Notably, the isometric diagrams and icons that myself and the senior management team at CJ almost drove ourselves delirious creating and implementing deep into the nights.

My purpose is to bring a wealth of experience to the team in all matters related to the website, branding and design. Many companies build a website and think that is it. Job done. Web design is moving at light speed though. What might have looked good just 2-3 years ago doesn’t cut it anymore.

My partnership with CJ is to ensure the features that worked well are further built upon and the ones that didn’t work are removed or amended. If you have any comments or questions about the website design or like the design of the website feel free to get in touch with CJ and they will be happy to recommend you to me.

Happy browsing!


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