Patrick Collins

Digital Marketing Specialist


Changing Digital Marketing

The internet has revolutionized the way that consumers search for solutions to their problems. Consumers are smarter and more intelligent than they were a decade ago as they have access to so much more information.

Learning which company is most suitable for their requirements can now be done through a few clicks on their laptop or mobile. Through my experience as a sales consultant and advisor over the past 6 years, I have seen this shift in consumer behaviour more than most.

I also have years of experience working with accelerator programs, start-up companies and SMBs in creating and successfully achieving sales strategies. My particular interest in marketing lies on the digital marketing side. I have a passion for technology-based companies that are either improving or disrupting their industry.



I enjoy researching and testing new software launches and training my sales teams on how to use these to either improve the level of service they are providing their existing clients or increase the efficiency of the onboarding process of their new clients. Technology is moving forward at a rapid pace and any companies not embracing these changes will be left behind as consumers seek easy to use and easy to understand services.

In my consulting to Cameron James, I am responsible for ensuring clients are easily able to find and learn about their services online and improving the quality of all interactions between clients and Advisers, minimising inefficiencies and maximising client outcomes.


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