Read Our Adviser Charter For Full Details On Each Benefit

Full Time PA

Every Experienced Adviser has their own PA. Your strength is advising.


On time, every time, no excuses. It’s your money , not ours. No chasing.

Lead System

Everyone can see the volume and quality of leads to each Adviser.

RDR Level 4

Ensuring Advisers reach UK RDR standards. Weekly CPD training.

Marketing Training

Boxing smart. Improving the quality of clients you engage with.

Rewarding Ideas

Every Experienced Adviser has their own PA. Your strength is advising.


CJ has an impeccable reputation. Speak to clients with confidence.

Working Remotely

Part of our team – working remotely and independently when you wantTerms of Business

Terms of Business

TOB or enhanced TOB with every leading industry provider.

Provider Payments

Advisers see every provider payment. Itimised to the penny.

Manage Team

Freedom to run or create your own team. Take on responsibility.

Selective Firm

Every Experienced Adviser has their own PA. Your strength is advising.

Read Our Adviser Charter

Should I Apply?

We ask applicants to read this page in full before applying. To gain an idea of where we wish to go in the industry. If you feel in line with our ethos or have more questions, then we look forward to your application.

We will invite you to a first-round CJ interview within 48hrs or provide feedback on why we think CJ is not the right company for you. If you don’t like the sound of CJ, it is also positive. You are closer to finding another employer.


Well managed client bank. Stable recurring income.

Happy Clients

Trusting relationships. Would recommend you


UK RDR Level 4 or desire to further qualifications.


In-depth understanding of your niche market area

Fee-Based Advice​

Currently or commitment to a transition.

Clean Portfolios​

CJ reserves may refuse portfolios with frozen assets.

Open Minded​

Desire to improve – Learn inbound marketing and content strategies.

Written English​

Ability to create interesting reads on their niche area.


Ability to work independently. Computer skills.

Superior Advice​

Commitment to providing high-quality advice reports

What makes an Experienced Adviser a Bad Fit with CJ?

Messy AUM

Low recurring income. High client charges.

Unhappy Clients​

Rarely communicate and they do not trust you


A number of ongoing or previously upheld complaints


No official qualifications. No desire to change.


Poor industry knowledge. One product fits all clients mentality.

High Commission

Prefer commission basis only. No interest in transparent advice.


Place their own interests over their client’s long-term interests

Closed Minded​

No desire or interest in learning inbound marketing strategies.

Cold Calls​

Find new clients with cold calls or bumping into expats

Inferior Advice

Comfortable sending out generic copy and paste advice reports

Think Your Business Levels Would Increase?

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Suitable for an Adviser who enjoys the more relaxed lifestyle of France but who still wants to work in professional services.


This role is suited to an Adviser with technological skills who wants to supplement their local market business via inbound marketing strategies.


This is a more focused position. Working locally within the Milan region and building connections with a local face to face presence.

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