Under £250k

  • Free Consultation
  • All Follow-Up Appointments
  • Independent Advice in B&W
  • Dedicated Adviser
  • Dedicated Admin
  • Pre-Completed Paperwork
  • Global DHL Couriers
  • Low Cost

£250k – £1M

  • Free Consultation
  • All Follow-Up Appointments
  • Independent Advice in B&W
  • Dedicated Adviser
  • Dedicated Admin
  • Pre-Completed Paperwork
  • Global DHL Couriers
  • Low Cost

Over £1M

  • Free Consultation
  • All Follow-Up Appointments
  • Independent Advice in B&W
  • Dedicated Adviser
  • Dedicated Admin
  • Pre-Completed Paperwork
  • Global DHL Couriers
  • Lowest Set-Up Fee

A Fixed FCA Report Fee of £3,000-£3,500 applies to Final Salary (DB) Pension Advice.

For simplicity, all Cameron James costs on this page are inclusive of VAT.

Simple Transparent Fees

We believe fees should be easy for you to understand from start. The table to the right confirms our Ongoing Fee schedule when you have £1M+ of AUA with Cameron James.

You will have a dedicated Financial Adviser specialised for your specific circumstances, along with a full admin team to complete and follow up with all necessary paperwork. With transparent and independent advice in black and white.

Our Advice Process

Simple and Straightforward
  • Contact Us
  • Situation Analysis
  • Solution Appointment
  • Complete Application
  • Ongoing Reviews

No One Likes Costs – We Get That

When it comes to regulated and qualified financial planning advice – Costs are necessary. Cost plays a vital role in protecting your interests. Below is a more detailed breakdown for those who like the nuts and bolts.

Advice Process

All clients receive a free consultation for us to understand their requirements and goals in greater detail. This meeting is the first stepping stone in your relationship with CJ.
There is never additional charges for any follow-up appointments. We like to keep it simple. Your cost of advice will not increase no matter how long or how many times you may need to speak with your Adviser.
We are not tied to any provider. We scan the whole of the market and provide you with unbiased advice on the solution that best matches your requirements. This is in contrast to restricted advice, such as Barclays who can only advise from a range of in-house solutions.
One size does not fit all. Everyone’s situation and requirements are slightly different so receiving personalised advice are essential. Our advice is taloired to you.
Financial solutions are intangible. However, making the correct decision is important. Our advice reports ensure you have all the important facts and information in B&W.
Direct line to your DedicatedAdviser. No hold music.
You also have your own dedicated Admin. This means if you ever need assistance you can reach out directly to your Admin who is already familiar with your policy. This is also helpful if your Adviser is busy helping another client.
Your dedicated Adviser & Admin will prepare any Financial Paperwork, Admin or Forms that you may need to complete. This saves you time and reduces errors once submitted.
Your application pack will be securely couriered and collected from you anywhere in the world. We pay for this. This ensures faster transfer speeds on all pension work and also allows us to monitor the arrival of your application and our admin resources to ensure your case starts being processed on the day of arrival.
Every advice report has a dedicated cost page. No jargon. No small print. Just clear and easy to understand costs for you to make an informed decision based on the benefits and the costs of the advice.
You have come to us for advice. Our job is to educate you and help you make informed decisions. Our Adviser will explain things as many times as you need.
Once the courier collects your application pack we do everything from there. We will chase the providers on your behalf by email or telephone until the case is finalised. We will keep you updated throughout.

Pension Transfer Cases

Whether you hold a DB or DC pension, we complete all of the legwork in obtaining the relevant information. We will not bore you but this is a timely task and why our admin are professionally trained in what to look out for.
Once your forms are returned we take responsibility for all transfer related tasks. Our experienced staff are trained in dealing with pensions providers and bureaucracy so that you do not have to.
Some email chains are never-ending. Our staff stick to the task circumnavigating and minimising pension transfer delays and updating you only when required. Allowing you to get on with better things in life.
In our teams experience consistent check-ins on the transfer status yields quicker results for clients. We have scheduled times to chase up all existing paperwork. Fun times!

Ongoing Service

Every 3-months you have an appointment your Adviser to keep you updated on portfolio performance. It is also a chance for you to relay any changes to your situation. For example, a new job, moving country or a new family member. This allows your Adviser to ensure your finances stay up to date with your situation and goals.
Your portfolio will be rebalanced on an ongoing basis to maximise growth opportunities. You may enjoy discussing this in detail with your Adviser each quarter. Similarly, you may find finance slightly boring and prefer a broad overview. Everyone is different.
Industries change. We keep an eye open on all provider options and advise our clients if there are ever any new lower-cost solutions available.
All future forms (Top-Ups, Withdrawals, Address Change etc) are pre-completed by your Admin and sent to you via email. You simply review the information and return the form signed. This saves our clients time to get on with their life.

The Boring Stuff

Cameron James holds the highest form of regulatory approval in Europe. We won’t bore you here but it means our Financial Advice and business practices are evaluated at the highest level. This provides you with peace of mind. Knowing that we adhere to some of the strictest and most closely vetted regulation in the EU.
While all Advisers at Cameron James are UK RDR Level 4 qualified as a minimum, we ensure Advisers adhere to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to provide our clients with the most up to date advice at all times.
All Advisory firms must pay premiums, which protect you as the customer were you to ever have a complaint. We are proud to say Cameron James has never had a client complaint and we work hard to keep it this way.
It is not by chance that you stumbled across our website. Every page, article, section has been optimised for SEO to ensure you could easily find our website. We work tirelessly on this and employ numerous staff and companies to ensure we keep on top of this for you. Expenses covers everything else from paper clips to headsets. Everything our staff need to ensure your journey with us is smooth and the quality of our service better than our competitors.

Benefits Of Working With Cameron James

Approved by Expats

Used & Approved by Expats in 23 countries across 6 continents.

Highly Regulated

Our advice is EU MiFID regulated. All Advisers are UK RDR Qualified.


Clients know how much their advice will cost in advance. No extras.

Low Online Cost

Our Online Costs deliver a
premium service without usual
high costs.

Dedicated Adviser

Direct line to your DedicatedAdviser. No hold music.


Our Advisers see thousands of Expat situations. We know your needs.

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