Are You Hiring?

We often hear this question. CJ operates an ongoing recruitment process over recruitment drives. We believe this is the best strategy for attaining high-quality professionals – Advisers search for new opportunities all year round. We are ambitious – but we are not interested in becoming the largest of anything overnight. Rapid expansion can accelerate short-term growth but risks quality control. Providing high-quality advice is our focus, so we prefer a more measured recruitment approach.

Benefits For New Advisers

Read Our Adviser Charter For Full Details On Each Benefit

Coaching & Training

We’ll train everything you need to know. Inc. years of industry tips.

Adviser Shadowing

Opportunity to learn from a successful Experienced Adviser

Fixed Protected Salary

Starting out is tough. Fixed monthly salary to find your feet.

Finance Qualifications

Cameron James will pay for your RDR Level 4 exams on a pass basis.


Your success is our success. Push for our senior positions

Fully Digitalised

All systems and information on your laptop, mobile and tablet.

Marketing Training

Boxing smart. Improving the quality of clients you engage with.

Adviser Payments

On time, every time, no excuses. It’s your money, not ours.

Transparent Leads

Everyone can see the volume and quality of leads to each Adviser.

Rewarding Ideas

Your initiative. Your gain. All leads attributed to your efforts go to you.


CJ has an impeccable reputation. Speak with clients in confidence.

Boutique Firm

Regular exposure to senior management. Talent gets noticed.

Read Our Adviser Charter

Should I Apply?

We ask applicants to read this page in full before applying. To gain an idea of where we wish to go in the industry. If you feel in line with our ethos or have more questions, then we look forward to your application. We will invite you to a first-round CJ interview within 48hrs or provide feedback on why we think CJ is not the right company for you. If you don’t like the sound of CJ, it is also positive. You are closer to finding another employer.

What makes a New Adviser aGood Fit?


Seeking a long-term career in financial services.


Good work ethic. Ability to dig deep. Get the ball rolling.

Recurring Income

Want to build a stable income through fee-based advice.


Undergraduate or postgraduate degree

Work Experience

Impressive work experience or entrepreneurship. In lieu of a degree.


Commitment to RDR qualifications. Irrespective of education.

Written English

Creating interesting content and niche articles.

Comfortable Talking

Find communicating easy. Likeable personality.

Open Minded​

Desire to learn new skills. Inbound marketing. Presentations.

Long-Term View

Understand cannot advise instantly. Want to build their knowledge base.

What makes a New Adviser aBad Fit?


Industry is a short-term job. Not a long-term career


Prefer to give up and start new things when something is difficult

Short Term Income

Value short-term rewards over long-term income


No degree. No impressive work experience or entrepreneurship.

Dislike Studying

Relieved to have your studying and exam days behind you.

Closed Minded

No interest in learning inbound marketing strategies.


Want to advise instantly. Would find building knowledge frustrating.

Poor Detail​

Often miss details. Don’t check your work twice

Not Your Fault​

Someone else’s fault. Dislike taking ownership

Resist Change​

Find ways around change instead of seeing new opportunities.

Think Your Business Levels Would Increase?

Think Your Business Levels Would Increase?


Suitable for an Adviser who enjoys the more relaxed lifestyle of France but who still wants to work in professional services.


This role is suited to an Adviser with technological skills who wants to supplement their local market business via inbound marketing strategies.


This is a more focused position. Working locally within the Milan region and building connections with a local face to face presence.

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