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Facing blocked transfers from Hartley Pensions administration? Learn what this financial issue means for you.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Hartley Pensions Administration: Hartley Pensions has entered administration, impacting around 17,000 savers. This highlights vulnerabilities in the UK pension system and risks with specific investment strategies.
  2. Impact on Savers: We know your transfers have been blocked and your retirement plans disrupted.
  3. Regulatory Intervention: The FCA stepped in over issues at Hartley Pensions and UHY Hacker Young LLP were appointed as administrators to manage this crisis in clients’ interests.
  4. UHY Hacker Young LLP’s Role: The administrators are focused on an orderly wind-down whilst managing day to day operations including compliance, asset management, claims etc.
  5. Legal and Advocacy Efforts: Lawyers (FS Legal Solicitors) advocated for expanded compensation around exit charges – and succeeded with the FSCS.
  6. FSCS’s Evolving Stance: In a positive move, the FSCS agreed to cover Exit and Administration Charges to offer more comprehensive cover for pension holders.
  7. Future Court Rulings: A February 2024 ruling aims to finalise charge terms, transfers are expected from April. There’s light ahead.


Hartley Pensions in Administration: Savers Face Charges as a UK Pensions Industry Giant Stumbles

Hartley Pensions has played an important role as an operator and manager of SIPPs and SSASs in the UK. As an independent entity, Hartley is responsible for holding assets within clients’ pension funds in trust.

The issues facing Hartley Pensions have placed many SIPP holders in a difficult position. We appreciate this may be causing anxiety about retirement plans and financial security.

Around 17,000 clients are affected by operational problems preventing asset transfers from Hartley for an extended time. We understand blocking transfers impacts your access to savings.

The situation does highlight certain vulnerabilities in parts of the UK pensions framework, as well as potential risks with some investment strategies. However, efforts are being made to address the administrative issues and bring more stability.

We aim to have open conversations about what has transpired with Hartley. Our goal is to provide clarity personalised to your retirement planning situation. By working together, we can review your specific options going forward.


What Happened at Hartley Pensions?

Hartley Pensions encountered severe regulatory and operational challenges that led the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to mandate improvements to prevent further investment issues. The goal was to address problems and protect clients’ interests. However, financial difficulties escalated despite best efforts.

Appointment of Administrators

By July 2022, Hartley’s director concluded after seeking professional advice that insolvency was likely imminent. Consequently, Peter Kubik and Brian Johnson of UHY Hacker Young were appointed administrators to oversee winding down operations.

Onset of Administration

The FCA intervention left Hartley Pensions in a precarious financial position, eventually necessitating administration. This introduced complexities around potential fees and accessibility of savings for pension holders.

Charges and Uncertainty for Savers

Administering pensions involves legal and operational steps to stabilise schemes. Unfortunately, this opened the possibility of exit and administration charges for savers seeking transfers. The specifics can vary based on case complexity, demanding financial prudence.


The Administrators’ Pivotal Role

As joint administrators, Peter Kubik and Brian Johnson of UHY Hacker Young play a crucial role in addressing Hartley’s financial distress. Their key responsibilities include:

  1. Statutory Compliance and Planning: Ensuring orderly legal processes like notifying creditors, maintaining records, and reporting as required. This establishes transparency.
  2. Asset Management and Realisation: Identifying, securing, valuing and selling company assets aims to maximise returns to creditors.
  3. Creditors’ Claims and Distributions: Adjudicating claims fairly and distributing repayments by strict rules brings orderliness.
  4. Investigations: Uncovering any inappropriate company actions protects pension holders interests.
  5. Trading: Facilitating smooth wind-down of operations by handling business activities and obligations.
  6. Legal and Ethical Considerations: Acting ethically and legally by avoiding conflicts of interest and seeking court approval.
  7. Communication and Reporting: Providing transparency through regular progress reports to stakeholders.
  8. Conclusion of Administration: Charting the optimal exit strategy with pension holders best interests in focus.

As administrators without personal liability, their prudent navigation of complexities is essential for stabilisation. Their oversight of assets also helps reassure pension holders during this challenging period.


Hartley Pensions Timeline

This infographic summarises major events leading to Hartley Pensions entering administration.

An infographic timeline detailing key events for Hartley Pension. Key milestones include acquisitions of various SIPP providers from April 2018 to January 2020, partnering with Ardan International in March 2021, entering administration in July 2022, hiring FS Legal Solicitors in October 2023, addressing liquidation fears in November 2023, proposing exit charges in December 2023, and starting compensation payments in February 2024. The timeline alternates between blue and yellow banners indicating each significant event leading to Hartley Pensions in Administration.

Legal Milestones and Advocacy

Critical Developments

The administration journey has involved pivotal legal actions. UHY’s initial efforts to find a buyer for Hartley’s client assets were unsuccessful, leading to blocked transfers that left you stuck. Significantly, UHY sought court approval to impose Exit and Administration Charges (EAC) – a proposal that sparked debate.

The Role of FS Legal

Client representatives appointed FS Legal Solicitors to advise on proposed cost models and court processes. Their financial services law expertise aids advocacy efforts – as shown in other creditor committees they have been involved in.

FS Legal established a client portal to enable communication with you and gather your feedback, despite restrictions on contributions/transfers. You can still draw down funds and trade investments.

Importantly, FS Legal advocated for expanded FSCS compensation beyond just administration fees to cover additional costs incurred by you. This push succeeded – the FSCS agreed to cover EAC.

FSCS’s Evolving Stance

The FSCS deciding to cap EAC marked increased pension holder protection by covering your transfer costs during administration.


What Could This Mean For Your Retirement Planning?

The saga of Hartley Pensions entering administration has unfolded over several years, impacting thousands of investors across the UK. While UK investors benefit from protective measures established by regulatory bodies, this situation serves as a crucial reminder of the importance of conducting thorough due diligence on both financial advisers and their recommended investment products.

The prolonged period of uncertainty has understandably caused distress among pension holders. However, there is hope on the horizon, with the pivotal court ruling expected to be finalised on March 1st, 2024. This decision is anticipated to bring much-needed clarity and resolution to those affected.

Reflecting on this ordeal, it becomes evident that such challenges, while daunting, also present an invaluable opportunity for introspection and strategic realignment. This juncture is ideal for investors to reevaluate not only their pension assets but their entire financial landscape. It’s an opportune moment to recalibrate your financial strategy, ensuring it is robust, resilient, and aligned with your long-term objectives.

As a financial advisory firm, we cannot stress enough the importance of using this experience as a catalyst for a comprehensive review of your financial health. It’s a time to reinforce your financial foundation, ensuring your strategy is not only sound but also adaptable to the evolving financial environment. This approach will not only safeguard your assets but also position you for a more secure financial future.


Our Recommendation

Given the complexity of recent events, we advise you to speak to a regulated financial advisor. Getting personal advice can provide security during uncertain times and help you to:

  • Stay informed on industry changes and how your retirement planning could be impacted. Check for regular updates from administrators and regulators as another trusted information source.
  • Understand what protections are available for your assets if issues arise. Watch our YouTube video below for advice on partnering with an advisor to safeguard your retirement.

  • Knowledge and preparation with ongoing support are essential to navigate these kinds of pension complexities. Let us help guide you through uncertainties, explain protection options, and keep your retirement planning on track.


Confident Retirement Planning Ahead

The Hartley Pensions situation has undoubtedly highlighted the intricacies involved in pension planning. Yet with complexity comes opportunity – the opportunity to forge a stronger, more trusting financial advisory relationship focused on your needs.

At Cameron James, we reject transactional engagements, instead nurturing long-lasting partnerships. You deserve more than the bare minimum service. We provide robust support, extensive market insights tailored to your goals, and guidance to navigate uncertainties like those in the Hartley crisis confidently.

Financial planning is a journey – one too important to travel without an expert companion you connect with. We sincerely care about helping secure the retirement lifestyle you envision. Our commitment is to you.

We invite you to book a free initial consultation with one of our regulated financial advisors. This pressure-free meeting lets us hear your retirement aspirations, understand your priorities, answer your questions and explore aligning our services with your outlook.


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