Quarterly Market Analysis – Q2 2020

Equity markets outpace expectations of economic recovery What an eventful six months 2020 has been thus far. As expected, stock markets continued to claw back their previous March losses throughout the second quarter of the year as more than 75% of countries began reopening their economies. The FTSE 100 outlines this trend as below. With […]

Contingent Charging Ban

Controversial Pensions Practice Faces Ban The Financial Conduct Authority has kicked up a storm of controversy in the world of financial advice, with proposals to ban the contingent charging model that has become the norm in the pension transfer market in recent years. So what is the contingent charging ban about, and how will it […]

Understanding UK SIPP for US Citizen/SIPP USA

Understanding UK SIPP for US Citizen/SIPP USA For pension holders who want the opportunity to manage their own money, make their own investment choices and access a wider portfolio of options than is typically available, a SIPP is a great option. However, it becomes more complicated to manage when you’re an expat, particularly an expat […]

Avoiding Tax When Importing QROPS Funds Into The USA

Avoiding Tax When Importing QROPS Funds Into The USA A QROPS pension scheme is somewhat similar to a SIPP (a Self-Invested Personal Pension) because it offers the holder a greater degree of control and flexibility over the funds contained within it. But there are two significant differences between QROPSs and SIPs. Any monies contained within […]

Financial Advisor Italy

Find a Financial Advisor Italy Retiring to Italy is a dream for many. Whether it’s the sandy beaches and seafood of the Amalfi coast, the cosmopolitan hustle and bustle of Rome or the fine wines and good food of Tuscany or the Marches, there’s something in Italy for every lover of the good life.  However, […]

Offshore Investments

Offshore Investments Many expats are now choosing to invest their money offshore for greater returns. If you no longer live in your home country and meet their non-residency requirements, then offshore investments could be something for you to look into. Although investing may seem overwhelming to some, offshore investments can be a great option for […]

What Is The Spain Beckham Law?

If you are an expat now living in Spain, you may have heard of the Beckham Law. Passed in 2005, this law gained its name after footballer David Beckham became one of the first foreigners to use it. However, this law can be taken advantage of by all foreign workers in Spain. To learn more […]

Essar Oil Pension Transfer

Essar Oil Final Salary Pension Read this article if you wish to know how to access this pension capital. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy textLorem Ipsum is simply dummy textLorem Ipsum is simply dummy textLorem Ipsum is simply dummy textLorem Ipsum is simply dummy textLorem Ipsum is simply dummy textLorem Ipsum is simply dummy textLorem […]

Modelo 720 Spain

If you are an expat living in Spain, you may have heard of the Modelo 720 form. As a tax resident, it is essential that you understand what this form is and how to fill it in. Failing to submit the Modelo 720 could cause negative repercussions and hefty fines. To learn more about the […]

Offshore Investments

Offshore Investments The purpose of your UK pension plan(s) is to provide a quality standard of living during your retirement. This is why the UK government initiated the Personal Pension Plan and more recently brought in pension flexibility. Successfully planning for your retirement and managing pension pots across numerous UK pension providers can be tricky, […]

International SIPP (iSIPP)

International SIPP (iSIPP) Posted: 26 February 2021 Table of Contents What Are International SIPPs (iSIPPs)? Differences between the SIPPs & International SIPPs How does an International SIPP Work? 4 Benefits of iSIPPs How to Transfer a Pension to an iSIPP? Why Transfer Your Pension to Cameron James? It can be even more complicated if you […]

Best International SIPP

Choosing the Best International SIPP for your UK Pension Transfer Find out some more about the range of SIPP options available to expats to help decide which is best for you. In 2017, the UK government introduced the Overseas Transfer Charge (OTC) for a wide range of transfers to and from a QROPS. For those […]

SIPP for Non-UK Residents

SIPP for Non-UK Residents International SIPPs are an increasingly popular choice amongst UK expats that are beginning to think about pension planning options for their Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution UK pension. This kind of plan offers clients a wide variety of investment opportunities, to effectively grow pension funds. It can be difficult to keep […]

Inheritance Tax France

What is Inheritance Tax France? More commonly known as ‘French succession tax’ or ‘droits de succession’ Inheritance Tax in France is payable by people who inherit assets or receive gifts from French residents and is calculated on a progressive banding scale. This is unlike UK Inheritance Tax, which has a flat rate of 40% on […]

Suspended Funds

Suspended Funds In Your Pension? An Investors Worst Nightmare Five weeks after the Woodford Fund Suspension, clients of Hargreaves Landsdown were told that they could switch their investment to a rival platform. Having initially been told that their holdings were Z-class shares and that this share class was not available on rival platforms. The FCA […]

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