Neda Balciunaite

Head of Administration



My career in financial services began in 2017 when I started working for Dominic James Murray as his Administrative & Personal Assistant.

During my first year, I realised that admin is not just an admin, the role encompasses many more client activities. You quickly form personal relationships with clients despite often being thousands of miles away.

The simple things like how a client wishes to be addressed, their preferred level of detail on communication, and what days are ideal for their quarterly review calls are all important.

In my short experience, clients seem to appreciate these small thoughts and it makes me feel valued. Personalisation of service seems to be a dying trend with call centres being outsourced offshore and ‘no-reply’ email addresses. At Cameron James, I feel proud to be tasked with ensuring every client receives a personalised experience.



Aside from the obvious administrative duties, I have had many opportunities to put my Creativity and Business Innovations degree from Vilnius University of Applied Sciences (VK) to good use. Problem-solving, developing administrative systems to improve efficiencies and creating user-friendly infographics are just some of the skills that I have built.

My bachelor degree included studying abroad at Instituto Superior De Contabilidade e Administração do Porto (ISCAP) and Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EEUAS). My studies in Estonia included a 3-month internship at Doronova Oy, a leading Finish environmental technology company.

This educational experience provided me with a deeper knowledge of the business world and what is expected in client services.

If you come into contact with me, I trust you would see me as a friendly, happy to help, organised and patient person with high attention to detail. My goal is to make life easier for each and every Cameron James client.

Everyone, particularly expats, has many different things to worry about each day so I see my job as making sure admin is one thing you do not have to worry about.

I look forward to helping you.


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