Jonathan Laws

Independent Financial Advisor


Early Career

I grew in Guernsey, and completed my schooling there, attending Elizabeth College for GCSE & A Levels. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015 with a BA in Economics. I took the opportunity that the US system allows, by developing a broad education that encompassed many areas of study including; Economics, Statistics, and Finance, which related to my degree major, as well as Humanities and the Sciences, which fulfilled the universities “breadth” of education requirement. I even did a year of Mandarin, but please don’t test me on how much I remember!

Once I graduated, I returned home to Guernsey to pursue a career in finance. I knew I wanted a strong professional qualification and a challenging environment, so I applied for a Transaction Services (TS) Graduate Scheme in PwC Guernsey which would give me support and training to obtain the ICAEW ACA qualification. Once I had accepted an offer to join the graduate intake in August 2016, I decided to sign up for Level I of the CFA Program (CFA) before I started my new career.

At PwC, I had an incredibly challenging but rewarding experience in their small TS team, taking on responsibilities that I, nor indeed the team leadership, had anticipated I would take on so early in my career. It gave me the opportunity to be in positions of great responsibility involving Initial Public Offerings and further share issues on the London Stock Exchange for transactions that regularly exceeded £200m.

My experience, at PWC, gave me great exposure to managing multiple external stakeholders under extreme time pressures, including some of the most prestigious Fund Managers and Investment Bankers in London and New York. I decided to leave PwC once I had fully qualified as an ACA, as I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in Financial Planning. A fact that was emphasised to me by the enjoyment I took from studying for the CFA Program.



In addition to my Economics Degree and my Chartered Accountancy I qualification, I also hold many other advanced qualifications, including the CISI Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, and the CISI Level 6 Pension Transfers Qualification, the latter of which I won the award for the highest exam mark in 2022.

I am currently sitting the Level 7 Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Case Study to become a CFP, a designation of which less than 3% of advisers in the UK have obtained. I am also taking the Level 3 CFA Exam to become a CFA, the most prestigious investment qualification in the world, joining my colleague Andere, who is already a CFA.

Whilst I do love exams and having all those letters after my name, my real passion is personal finance. Although, Jonathan Laws ACA, CFA, CFP, Chartered Financial Planner does have a nice ring to it……


Career at Cameron James

I am the Senior financial adviser at Cameron James. As such, I am typically the gatekeeper for all new clients that leave their enquiry with Cameron James, and help to make sure the most suitable adviser is assigned to them. I am also there as a valuable resource and sounding board for our newer advisers to use to make sure they’re providing the best advice they can. We are very collaborative at Cameron James, and it is not uncommon for all of our advisers to be active in any discussion when dealing with new clients, pooling together our collective knowledge and experience to best serve our clients.

I have a very broad client base, but mainly focus on clients in the UK, USA & Europe. My approach at Cameron James is to help clients embrace what we call “Lifestyle” Financial Planning, which essentially means that we spend very little time focusing on the investments (don’t worry, the portfolios are great, we just don’t pretend that tinkering and making predictions will help make them better), and instead concentrate on helping clients, articulate, plan and achieve all the hopes, dreams and aspirations they may have. I enjoy my bi-annual planning meetings with clients immensely, and pride myself on the level of responsiveness I provide clients. I am quite literally there, at their beck and call whenever they need me……….. Within reason!

I quite literally live, sleep and breathe financial planning, and whilst that does mean some of my friends look at me strangely, it also means I provide fantastic advice and guidance whenever you want or need it.

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