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Get the latest on Hartley Pensions: Insightful updates on legal issues, FSCS financial support, and steps for members to secure their pension assets.

Hartley Pension Administration’s complex legal and compliance issues, escalated in 2022, have understandably caused concern among its members and stakeholders. You’re seeking not just updates but meaningful insights on how these developments impact you personally, guiding you from uncertainty to decisive action for your pension’s security and growth. 

This article is dedicated to giving you a clearer overview of the Hartley pension update and what it means for you as a member, featuring insights from Peter Kubik of UHY Hacker Young. 

Key Updates from the Hartley Pension Administration and What They Mean for You

As of February 28, 2024, a crucial update has been issued to all Hartley Pension clients, marking a significant moment in the ongoing administration process. Hartley Pensions Limited, now in administration, has confirmed the receipt of funds from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). These funds are designated for covering the costs associated with the orderly transfer of client SIPPs and assets away from the company. 

This update is more than just procedural; it’s a lifeline for many, ensuring that the transition process won’t be marred by additional financial burdens for clients. This step is part of a  concerted effort to alleviate concerns and provide a smoother path forward for all impacted by the administration phase.

We’ve prepared a dedicated page to provide you with updates on Hartley Pension, including everything you need to know about the latest developments:

Learn more about Hartley Pensions’s update

Financial Support from the FSCS

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has intervened to provide crucial financial support for Hartley Pension members. This means the costs of transferring SIPPs and assets from Hartley Pensions will be covered by the FSCS. For you, this translates into not having to pay extra for the transfer process, making it easier for you to move your pension without worrying about these additional expenses. It’s a significant step towards easing the financial pressures you might face due to the administration process.

RL360 Hartley Pension Members: A Special Note

Amid recent developments with Hartley Pensions, a notable update has emerged concerning RL360 SIPP members. In coordination with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Hartley’s administrators, UHY, it’s been clarified that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) compensation extends to RL360 SIPP members. This arrangement facilitates a bulk transfer of these members to IFGL Pensions without a set-up fee. While FS Legal and UHY continue to send general updates, it’s crucial to understand that these do not specifically apply to RL360 SIPP members. Members are advised to await further instructions, indicating no immediate action is required on their part.

Ongoing Annual Management Fees

While the FSCS’s support is a positive development, it’s important to be aware that Hartley Pension clients are still responsible for the annual management fee until their pensions are transferred to a new provider or they exit the company. 

Taking swift action to initiate the transfer of your pension is more than just a procedural step; it’s a financial strategy to safeguard your pension from unnecessary erosion. Each month that passes without initiating the transfer could mean additional fees, diminishing the hard-earned savings you’ve accumulated over the years. 

Simplified Legal Proceedings

The decision by the FSCS to cover Exit and Administration Charges (EAC) means that the complex legal proceedings around these charges are now simplified. For you, this means one less thing to worry about; the potential costs associated with these legal matters will not fall on your shoulders. 

The Part 8 Claim Conclusion on Your Contributions

The recent closure of the Part 8 legal claim signifies a pivotal change, especially concerning the role of Representative Respondents (RRs). To clarify, a Part 8 claim refers to a specific procedure in the UK legal system used for resolving matters that may not involve a substantial dispute of fact, often utilized in administrative and procedural contexts. Representative Respondents (RRs) were appointed to act on behalf of all members in such claims, advocating for collective interests.

With the conclusion of this legal process, it’s important to recognize that the previously anticipated role for RRs—and any financial contributions made towards this effort through FS Legal—has become unnecessary. This development also underscores the need to focus on accurate and current information, directing your attention to trustworthy and official sources such as UHY (the administrators), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). 

Future Claim Opportunities and Choosing Representation

Currently, while Hartley is in a default situation, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is not accepting claims related to matters beyond the costs of the exit strategy. This approach is designed to ensure that all efforts are concentrated on streamlining the transfer process first. 

However, it’s important for you, as a member of Hartley Pension, to know that there will be opportunities in the future to raise claims against the company for issues unrelated to the exit strategy costs. Rest assured, further details on how you can submit these claims will be shared in due time.

We also want to emphasize that engaging a Claims Management Company or a legal representative to make a claim to the FSCS, especially after the complications faced by Hartley Pension in July 2022, is entirely optional.

To best prepare for these upcoming claim opportunities, it’s beneficial to start gathering all relevant documentation and records related to your pension. This might include statements, correspondence with Hartley Pensions, and any records of financial transactions or decisions that could support your claim. 

While hiring a Claims Management Company or a legal representative remains an option, considering direct submissions to the FSCS remains open. This approach not only simplifies the process but also helps avoid potential additional costs associated with third-party services. Further detailed guidance on these future claims will be shared as it becomes available, ensuring you’re well-informed and ready to act when the time comes.

Moving Forward

The recent updates in the administration of Hartley Pensions signal progress in addressing the challenges you face as a member.  While the path ahead may still hold uncertainties, the financial support from the FSCS and the simplification of legal proceedings, including those initiated by UHY Hacker Young LLP as joint administrators, are positive steps towards regaining stability. As you consider your next moves, remember the importance of timely action to minimise any further impact on your pension savings.

What You Can Do Now

We understand that you are in “crisis” mode, facing what seems like an unending process. You might have opened up discussions with representatives to clarify the situation and started conducting due diligence to place your trust in managing and guiding you through this crisis.

We also understand that you want to regain control of your pension funds in a short time. However, with the “time is of the essence” mindset, placing your trust in someone without proper due diligence can absolutely lead you to a costly mistake.

As an independent financial advisory firm with an extensive, proven track record in handling financial crises, we offer some accountable advice for you to chart a course through these challenging times.

Stay Informed, But Choose Your Sources Wisely

In an era where information is abundant yet not always accurate, discerning the reliability of your sources becomes paramount, especially when dealing with something as critical as your pension. Official communications from UHY Hacker Young, the FCA, and the FSCS represent the most verified information in the financial updates.

Alongside that, to give you another point of view, just rely on the regulated, proven track record of experiences and have a transparent testimonial both online and offline, like Cameron James. 

At Cameron James, our approach is to cut through the noise, providing clear, strategic advice based on advanced cash flow modelling to secure your pension investment.

These entities are not just arbitrary choices; they are established authorities tasked with oversight, protection, and guidance within the financial sector. Their updates offer clarity, fact-checked information, and directives that are essential for making informed decisions. By prioritising these sources, you ensure that your decisions are based on solid ground, shielding yourself from the misinformation that can lead to costly mistakes.

Protect Yourself From Scams

With scammers becoming increasingly sophisticated, protecting yourself from fraud has never been more crucial. Scams thrive on uncertainty and fear, making it essential to verify the legitimacy of any financial advice or offers you receive. Legitimate financial advisors do not typically use cold calling as a method to gain new clients due to the high risk of misinformation and fraud associated with such tactics. Always take the time to thoroughly research and confirm the credentials of any financial advisor or service before making any decisions. This diligence ensures you engage with trustworthy professionals and safeguard your financial future against potential scams.

Our CEO and IFA Dominic James Murray offers tips on performing your due diligence before trusting a new financial advisor. Avoid making the mistake of dealing with someone who isn’t upfront about fees. In this video, Dominic outlines essential questions to ask an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA). Watch the video for guidance on choosing a financial advisor.


Consider Your Next Steps

Considering your next steps involves assessing how your pension can better serve your future financial goals, especially once current challenges are resolved. This is an opportunity to revisit your investment strategy, explore diversification options, and perhaps reassess your risk tolerance. Engaging with a financial advisor can help in crafting a tailored plan that not only aims to recover any losses but also positions your pension for growth. It’s about shifting focus from immediate concerns to long-term financial health and readiness for retirement.

Planning is not just about waiting for the storm to pass but about actively shaping the future of your pension. This moment presents a unique opportunity to reassess your financial goals and strategies. Ask yourself: How can my pension better align with my long-term objectives? This is the time to explore new investment strategies, consider diversification, and adjust your risk tolerance to ensure your pension is working as hard as it can for your future. Engaging with a financial advisor could offer personalized insights and strategies tailored to your unique situation, helping to turn these uncertain times into a springboard for growth and security.

Our Commitment to You

It’s time to reflect and take decisive steps forward. At Cameron James Finance, we understand the emotional and financial toll this situation has taken on you. It’s not just about recovering losses; it’s about reclaiming your future and peace of mind.

At Cameron James, we are committed to providing transparent, insightful, and actionable advice. Our aim is not only to guide you through the current Hartley Pension administration but also to ensure your financial strategy is robust and aligned with your long-term goals. We encourage you to book an initial consultation with us to discuss how we can support you in gaining clarity and control over your financial future.

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